Redefining Digital Marketing

In today’s world, people depend on websites for everything – shopping, job searches, travel, entertainment, you name it. That means you need to take your internet presence seriously. 

Shift Squared, LLC was founded in 2010 with very specific aims: to develop phenomenal digital marketing solutions, produce exceptional results, and to grow lasting relationships.

We’d like to consider ourselves to be a non-traditional firm. We have moved away from the normal models of the client/consultant relationship and work to create something meaningful, cost-effective and useful. Our clients are given individual attention so that our solutions meet their unique needs.

We use our time to get to know you, your business or brand, and the market, so we can implement solutions that drive results. Business relationships are most effective when you understand the people you work with, know what they want to achieve and trust them. We work as if we are an extension of your business.

Your results mean just as much to us as they do to you.

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Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 85%
Content Writing 95%
Business Consulting 100%

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Our team has helped us grow on account of our reputation for uncompromising quality. Our own experiences, passion, and genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals drives our success.